yes i'm that one guy that always bring art builds in bedlam no matter how much i get shot at.

Crossout builds by lokiinpower

BMW sicko mode - Crossout build by lokiinpower

BMW sicko mode

Creator: lokiinpower

a car i made a while ago. i brought it into bedlam and got very surprised by the feedback, so i thought posting it here would be a good idea. hope you enjoy what you see :D

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About BMW sicko mode
TM 800 gladiator - Crossout build by lokiinpower

TM 800 gladiator

Creator: lokiinpower

wiped off the dust of my trucker cab and decided it would be time to do an american truck, pretty satisfied of the result, can't say the same for the paintjob tho. it's really lazy.

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  • Sick truck lokiin!! :DD Love how you used the stickers to put on the front fenders. And the sticker as if it were the brand of the truck - nice design!ThijsRadijs
  • Awesome truck man! This truck looks so cool and realistic! 1000/10 :PPaprika_CZ
About TM 800 gladiator

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