BMW sicko mode - Crossout build by lokiinpower

BMW sicko mode

Creator: lokiinpower

a car i made a while ago. i brought it into bedlam and got very surprised by the feedback, so i thought posting it here would be a good idea. hope you enjoy what you see :D


lunar wheels, as they're very practical to build art cars with, and alo because you can put stickers on them.


the growl cab, a tiny, boxy cab, perfect for art builds, if you fully hide the cab tho, as it doesn't look very good.




a dun horse, a maxwell and a carjack, the basic requirements for a bedlam art car.


fully build around 2x6 frames and a growl cab.


bunch of square covers on tob, as these are very thin pieces, good to cover the growl cab without adding a layer or blocks on top.

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2594 Power score

Durability1230 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy3/11 pts.

Mass4347/6500 kg

Max. speed114 km/h