Future features

Note that features described below may change or not be implemented at all.

Browse builds by category

Being able to browse through categories will make it easier for people to find the builds they like.

Suggestion page

A page where creators can post suggestions and rate other suggestions.

This will make it easier for me to see what you'd like to see next.

Gallery page

A page filled with beautiful images of Crossout builds.

Every build has it's own gallery and all those galleries will get bundled into one complete gallery.

Build rating

Making it possible for creators to give and get feedback on builds.

Account page

A page to manage your account. Here you can change your portrait, email address and password, request your data and remove your account - full control over your account.

Manage builds

On this page you will be able to manage your Crossout builds. You can change the status of your builds (hidden / visible), edit your builds and remove your builds.

Editing your builds will be seperated as followed:

Why seperate?

GvTsu offers you the ability to update your builds' statistics to the latest version of Crossout.

GvTsu wants to be able to monitor whether you updated your build to the latest version of Crossout or if you just made minor changes.

That's the reason behind seperating management of your builds into categories.

Points System

In order to encourage quality content on GvTsu, I came up with an idea to give you guys an opportunity to use points. To know what to do with points, jump over here.

You earn points if GvTsu awards you badges for your build. One of those badges is the Well Documented badge. Here is an overview of how the system works:

If a new user shares 3 builds in a row and none of them gets approved, he/she will end up with 0 points; leaving them unable to share builds:
15 + 3 * -5 = 0.

If a new user shares 5 builds in a row and none of them is well documented, he/she will end up with 5 points; leaving them with their last chance to share a well documented build:
15 + 5 * (-5 + 3) = 5.

May that user share it's last build well documented, he/she will end up with 10 points:
5 + -5 + 3 + 7 = 10.

May that user share it's last build not well documented, he/she will end up with 3 points, unable to share builds:
5 + -5 + 3 = 3.

Let me know what you think of this idea and give me suggestions by sending a message through the contact page.

What to do if you have 3 points remaining? Well.. you can make sure your other builds are well documented in order to gain points in order to be able to share builds again.

How to earn points?

You can earn points by:

Note: if you share a build which's statistics are up-to-date, your build will hold the Up-to-date badge, but you will not earn points. You will earn points for keeping your build up-to-date after sharing it on GvTsu.

In conclusion: points awarded for keeping your build up-to-date is not due to the awarding of the badge itself.

Why do I need points?

You need points to be able to do the following:

Any suggestions what to do with points to make them more valuable to creators? Send me suggestions through the contact form at the contact page.

Badges for builds

Well Documented

Points: +7

Awarded to builds that are well documented. That means that the creator described his/her build in detail with proper grammar, punctuation and language.


Automatically applied to builds that are up-to-date.

It's a Classic

Points: +100

Given to old builds that have been used on a regular basis and are recognized as a classic build. The Gv 24 VIII Tsu for instance, has been used a lot and is over 1 year old.

Badges for creators

Verified Creator

Points: +100

You can verify that you are the creator you registered as by planning a moment to share some messages with me on Crossout.

Note: this is only possible if you register with the same username as on Crossout.

Creator of Art

This medal will be awarded to creators that design art builds as their main goal. Builds shared by these creators will get approved automatically.


Requested by Death_Inc. Being able to switch to dark-mode so you don't burn your eyes at nighttime.