About & Origin

ThijsRadijs' favorite build - Gv 24 VIII Tsu

GvTsu is an online exhibition for Crossout builds. It was intended to showcase builds built primarily by myself, but grew into an environment for other players to showcase their Crossout builds as well.

I was so obsessed by my personal build, Gv 24 VIII Tsu, that I called my website after it. People in bedlam always wondered if I had any other builds besides my Gv Tsu, because I rarely drove any other builds.

I started GvTsu as a small project at the localhost on my laptop. The system was written in Lua and had no connections with MySQL databases. All it had was a .lua-file that returned an array - that should've worked as a database.

When I asked for advice on whether I should use Lua for web development or not, I was told it was not recommended as it held quite a bit of security and strength related issues.

I decided to rebuild the system of GvTsu completely. It became an object-oriented system built in PHP 7.

Crossout build naming

If you have checked out my builds on the exhibition you might have noticed that every build of mine is prefixed by either GV or Gv. It's is an abbreviation for gek voertuig, which is Dutch for crazy vehicle.

My build names are formatted in the following way:
Gv [vehicleNumber] [majorVersion] [weaponry]

The major version is written in roman numbers, because that looks fancy.