New features

January 3rd 2021 - Share videos

A new page is added dedicated to Crossout videos shared by players registered on GvTsu. Players can share their videos through the video sharing page by pasting the YouTube video URL.

December 31st 2020 - Auto-request up-to-date Crossout version

Upon submitting a build or garage, now the up-to-date PC version of Crossout is requested by scraping the forum of Crossout. May the version not match the current version of Crossout after submitting a build or garage, please let me know through the contact form.

July 16th 2019 - YouTube videos

Now you can show your Crossout builds in action by providing a video of your builds.

July 14th 2019 - Sorting by build statistics

You are now able to sort Crossout builds by mass, power score, durability, speed, acceleration, tonnage and the amount of parts a build has.

May 31th 2019 - Player pages

Every player that is registered on GvTsu now has their own page that tells something about them and showcases the Crossout builds shared by that player.

April 27th 2019 - Post comments

Being able to post comments on Crossout builds.

April 18th 2019 - Skip acceleration

Added an option to skip the acceleration in the form for sharing your Crossout builds. Now you can skip the acceleration seperately from other statistics.

April 18th 2019 - New features page

Basically the page you are on right now!