TM 800 gladiator - Crossout build by lokiinpower

TM 800 gladiator

Creator: lokiinpower

wiped off the dust of my trucker cab and decided it would be time to do an american truck, pretty satisfied of the result, can't say the same for the paintjob tho. it's really lazy.


twin wheels (kek)


trucker because making an american truck with icebox is lazy.


a harpoon, so maybe i can carry a trailer.


a maxwell, a chameleon stealth, a dun horse engine, a car jack and a RN seal for the front design, everything needed for bedlam.

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  • Sick truck lokiin!! :DD Love how you used the stickers to put on the front fenders. And the sticker as if it were the brand of the truck - nice design!ThijsRadijs
  • Awesome truck man! This truck looks so cool and realistic! 1000/10 :PPaprika_CZ
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4202 Power score

Durability2014 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy7/9 pts.

Mass11585/16500 kg

Max. speed68 km/h