Xtrem Hot Rod - Crossout build by Kevin007xtrem2_0

Xtrem Hot Rod

Creator: Kevin007xtrem2_0

After a number of variations of my "Offroad racer" I made the "Xtrem" edition. An old Hot Rod with the known front bumper, a huge twin-turbo AND supercharged V8 engine, wide tires, low to the ground and a cloak module just in case. With this ride you draw the attention of every survivor.


I tried to make something, what represents my name: "Xtrem" so I decided to make it look like this.


a total of 4 working exhausts: this is something you don't see offten like this. A few lights and done

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  • Awesome car Kevin! Love the lighting as well :3ThijsRadijs
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3334 Power score

Durability1090 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy2/11 pts.

Mass4497/11000 kg

Max. speed120 km/h