TK HammerTusk - Crossout build by tanker199099

TK HammerTusk

Creator: tanker199099

Hide your guns, because the fastest gun remover arrived with his Hammerfall build


It uses 6 Bigfoots ST, If you lose 1 you can still moving =)


The beautiful tusk, they destroy ur guns, no problem, use the cabin with his maxim speed of 120km/h


Two Hammerfalls to remove the guns of your enemy as fast as you can


The amazing "cheetah", a "chameleon mk2", 2x "Rn Seal", a "Shiver" and a "Gas generator"


Some armor to cover the wheels from cannons, light spaced armor to cover the guns and the modules


Only a "Vuvuzuela horn", there wasn't more parts to use

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    11432 Power score

    Durability1657 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy15/15 pts.

    Mass8769/9000 kg

    Max. speed120 km/h