TK Albondiga - Crossout build by tanker199099

TK Albondiga

Creator: tanker199099

With the last update, it's one of the most effectives ways to kill your enemies with hammerfalls, just play the music "You spin me right round" and you are ready to move in circles while you are killing the enemy


It uses 4xBigfoot ST


It uses a Torero, you may ask "Why not a Favourite", it's easy, if I can go faster, the perk will reload faster




It uses an Apollo generator, 3xRn Seal, 1xShiver, Chamaleon MK2, Cheetah


It doesn't have a lot of HP, because I used bumpers and plows to make it compact. Looks like an Albondiga


It has 2 torero exhaust that give 125 extra horsepower, a vuvezuela claxon to kill your enemies of laugh, and some flares with multiple proposes, the cover your guns with smoke, if you activate them people will think you have weed, the give nitro when activated

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10739 Power score

Durability636 pts.

Total parts71/80 pcs.

Energy16/16 pts.

Mass10133/11000 kg

Max. speed120 km/h