Speedy boy III - Crossout build by Matt_Wurst

Speedy boy III

Creator: Matt_Wurst

The next iteration of the annoying little **** from bedlam. It's basically the same except that I finally ditched that goddamn gas generator. It still flips, it still flips back, it still yeets people into the acid lake. And it probably still steals wheels.


While four borers are not the most dangerous thing in the world, they still dish out reliable damage. Especially when biting into the rear of an enemy like a tick, and using the skinner to stay there.


Chameleon Mk2, powerful radar-detector. And the newcomer on the third edition: A carjack.


Now featuring some parts that are painted in a slightly different tint of beige, and with some metal fatigue on the underside.

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    7379 Power score

    Durability1721 pts.

    Total parts76/80 pcs.

    Energy16/16 pts.

    Mass10811/11000 kg

    Max. speed108 km/h