Soup Bowl MKI - Crossout build by Canadian_Hawko

Soup Bowl MKI

Creator: Canadian_Hawko

Named after the soup bowl that i had laying around on my desk as i was designing this thing, The Soup Bowl MKI is like that 2018 "glowing knife" challenge. Ever wanted to just say fuck you and slice through a build? yeah thought so, then the only logical choice is to get reapers right? maybe add a couple of modules and maybe a cloa...WRONG SON. YOU NEED A FUGGN SPACE LAZOR..HEAT THOSE NOOBS UP AND SLICE THEM IN HALF LIKE THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF JEWISH ORPHANS. so yeah the aurora is pretty cool and stuff.


i mean.. for a second.. i thought about getting grinders but..

then my brain started functioning again.


steppe spider cabin fused for hauler spec, AKA i can carry more trash then you.


as id 2 gigantic belt fed miniguns wasnt enough, i added another minigun just for fun, also i emjoy 100% more damage


well i dont have any modules unless you count the hot red engine as one, but that thing cant drain energy since my guns use it ALL.


You know i was actually surprised how good this thing survives, it looks lightweight, it feels that way. definitely moves that way but damn, these reapers are well protected with those 2 plows.

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    12239 Power score

    Durability1539 pts.

    Total parts76/80 pcs.

    Energy16/16 pts.

    Mass18581/18600 kg

    Max. speed47 km/h