solar_iconoplasm V3 - Crossout build by ll_solartum_ll

solar_iconoplasm V3

Creator: ll_solartum_ll

ever seen a fighting rainbow ? here come for you a colorfull helios hover, what ? canon shot ? hahaha, this little bow have aegis and a lot of spaced armor so it wont be down that easly


hover for moustiko gameplay


quantum for 10% damage (like helios need more damage lol)


helios to slowly get down everthing


aegis to tank little shot will 1v2 tsunami spider


spaced armor everywere

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    11700 Power score

    Durability1028 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy16/16 pts.

    Mass6997/11000 kg

    Max. speed100 km/h