solar_gustav V2 - Crossout build by ll_solartum_ll

solar_gustav V2

Creator: ll_solartum_ll

hey cmon little kid, do you hnow about spaced armor ? let me show the bigger spaced armor build from all, with extra large space and front armor inspired from the H4TE member IBopHI


6 spider legs allow you to climb some surface and protect a little from melee


fuzed steppe spider with extra mass that allow you to get more heavy armor


pierce the sea with dual tsunami and make humain fear the wastland like the sea


kapkan to trap the enemy will killing him, colossus for extra mass and reloading time and fuzed blue chameleon for maximum reloading time to play shoot and hide


spaced armor, everywhere

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    11555 Power score

    Durability2429 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy16/16 pts.

    Mass20626/20650 kg

    Max. speed51 km/h