RE2 Reaper Copter - Crossout build by C_Geremy

RE2 Reaper Copter

Creator: C_Geremy

Reaper powered copter. Tuned with French flag, Croissant and LEDs.

Named after the concept helicopter made by the car manufacturer Citroën in 1975. Because it's cool.


Wheels on the ground, Reapers in the sky.


Growl. Awesome isn't it.


Reapers. Useful and reliable to shot players that thinks "is funy to shot fliing duds xd".


Light generator, ammo packs for long flight, and radar to see the hater.


Low structure, but can fly above the haters.

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    6123 Power score

    Durability358 pts.

    Total parts31/80 pcs.

    Energy12/12 pts.

    Mass3225/6000 kg

    Max. speed83 km/h