Military Train - Crossout build by LoliChocola

Military Train

Creator: LoliChocola

Squad of Ducks from army owns aswell bigass train.


6x Meat Grinder


Humpback Hauler


2x Equalizer, 1x Skinner


3x Rn seal, 2x R2-Chill Thermostable , 1x Apollo IV, 1x CS Taymyr Not for sale


4x Duck, 1x "Express" (horn), and alot of stickers and paints

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  • Nice!ThijsRadijs
  • CHOO CHOO MOFO'S!!!! pretty sure my Arrester can tow that with easePrivate_Scrubzy
  • watch out this is not even finished one its just budget version xD i still need to get coins on cyclone LoliChocola
  • okay to say what happend and you might ask me yes i already got cyclone so i changed it but since i am lazy to delete this i just let it here but ingame on Exhib will be the one with cyclone LoliChocola
  • i like traaainnss ._.GRTANKERGR
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10767 Power score

Durability2589 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy15/15 pts.

Mass22204/24500 kg

Max. speed65 km/h