MeteoriteDrifter - Crossout build by TeQuilla16


Creator: TeQuilla16

My first ever creation from early OBT, lived with me for 2 years it has been upgraded many time's.


2 big wheels that make it higher at the back so you can wedge people and 6 wheels other wheels blue/cyan rarity


Howl, beautifull for this build because of the close combat encounters


3x Thunderbolt shreds weapons with ease


Epic cloak module Chameleon MK2 so you can get in their back line of defense, Apollo generator to get the maximum potential, Cheetah engine for the cloak recharge and speed,Seal and Taymyr for cooling the guns and making them overheat less


Build with intention to last a big direct hit


Stickers from all the battles from the past 2 years of battles and red paint representing spilled blood from this monster of a car

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  • Looks awesome. Nice screenshot, too! Great to see an old build. Just like my Gv 24.ThijsRadijs
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10432 Power score

Durability1649 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy16/16 pts.

Mass10996/11500 kg

Max. speed108 km/h