MAZ (Soviet truck) - Crossout build by Paprika_CZ

MAZ (Soviet truck)

Creator: Paprika_CZ

The Russian MAZ... Truck that can roll up everything with its eight wheels! For its power of engine and pretty small size it can go really fast and turning isnt such slow as you would ever expect. Sadly it doesnt have any weapons so its not that funny to drive but thats common on my builds. It cannot withstand hard frontal (or everywhere else) hits so it can be easily destroyed but thanks for its high HP it cannot be destroyed that easily by machinegun.




Car Jack (2x) - It combines good desing and it is also useful when the truck ever turns on its side or roof.

Razzorback engine (1x) It alows to the truck quickly accelerate and it can move with even more mass.


Klondike (1x)

Brace (2x)

Hell lamp (2x)

Round back light (4x)

Tank pipe (2x)

Digger (1x)

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2745 Power score

Durability1411 pts.

Total parts69/80 pcs.

Energy4/10 pts.

Mass6661/11000 kg

Max. speed83 km/h