MAZ 7310 - Crossout build by Paprika_CZ

MAZ 7310

Creator: Paprika_CZ

Another soviet hard machinery... MAZ 7310 was made for going through hard terrain with is (again) eight wheels. Its HUGE engine can make this heavy beast accelerate really fast and turning isnt that slow tho. This one - thanks to the bumpers at the front - can withstand some frontal collisions pretty well. I apologise that this doesnt have any weapons but well i try to be peaceful. :)


This time i used the Growl cabin. If you want to make fast and small artbuild this cabin if perfect. Still there are some problems : You should hide the whole cabin because then it look awful and the tonnage isnt very good either.




Car Jack (2x) - From the same reasons as usual.

Razzorback (1x) - Without this engine this truck couldnt even move so thats why i love it. :D


Hell lamp (2x)

Round back light (4x)

Headlight (2x)

Tank crate (2x)

Tank pipe (2x)

Brace (2x)

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2608 Power score

Durability1360 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy4/11 pts.

Mass6664/8000 kg

Max. speed104 km/h