M4 Blizzard 388 - Crossout build by Challenger

M4 Blizzard 388

Creator: Challenger

That's the old version of the Triple Executioner, when he was the best weapon in the game, and the most powerful weaponnery you could have. I would recreate this thing, because for me, the true triple 88 is better on wheels. Yes, its maybe more efficiency on legs, but, you know, that's what we get before all the new metas atm. And that was the best. I think we can't forget it. As i say always : "EXE FUCK YEAH !!!"


The Icebox cabin. Probably the best cabin in game (at least that's what i think :p). Here in Hauler version, she gives 15% more damage to the weapons with limited turn angle, and of course, she looks amazing.


The legendary Executioner... the best weapon in the game...

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8682 Power score

Durability1822 pts.

Total parts68/80 pcs.

Energy15/15 pts.

Mass14147/21900 kg

Max. speed75 km/h