Heavy Pickup Truck - Crossout build by Kevin007xtrem2_0

Heavy Pickup Truck

Creator: Kevin007xtrem2_0

Heavy, fairly fast and surprisingly "Powerfull". This pickup can tow even the heaviest vehicles.

You wouldn't expect to see that litle strong boy to tow 2 heavy trucks with more then 30 tons in total. That's why you shouldn't judge it by the appearence.


drives as you would expect from the weight but not from the appearence. can manage bumps good and is prety stable.


I choose the Torrero since I wanted a cabin with speed and a bit power and good sound of course. And 11 tons are more then enough for me to handle.


I choose skinner because I noticed I can flip other high vehicles upside down with my speed and mass combined.


I choose colossus because I needed more power :3


I tried to make is "smooth" as posible but I wanted a bit weight as well, that's why you can find on the back a train plow and 2 normal plows


Just a rooflight because it was empty there.

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5206 Power score

Durability1842 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy4/12 pts.

Mass10842/12500 kg

Max. speed107 km/h