HDMI Cable MKII - Crossout build by Canadian_Hawko


Creator: Canadian_Hawko

Named after whatever i saw first on my desk while designing this thing, the HDMI Cable MKI was my first contact armored spider prototype. not long after i discovered how good these contacts were so i updated the design and made the MKII: needless to say the only thing i changed was that i added balloons.

ya like my balloons?


because 4 legs is retarded, 6.


a steppe spider cabin fused for hauler spec. so essentially this is a humpback.


well, it's a build with tsu's made by hawk soooooo... u already know these bad boys are fused

1 explosive / 1 long range


outfitted with a "fuck whatever you are shooting at me" shield this HDMI cable is one tough nut to crack

Also has an advanced radar fused for range equipped because who doesn't want to see stuff in a 780 meter radius?


8 fused for durability contacts on the nose serve as THE best armor your 'oh so preciou's cab could wish for.

Also 6 balloons

ya like my balloons?

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    13701 Power score

    Durability1881 pts.

    Total parts79/80 pcs.

    Energy16/16 pts.

    Mass19915/20100 kg

    Max. speed57 km/h