GViX64 V8 CE MAX - Crossout build by GRTANKERGR



In a nutshell its an upgrade of the original GViX64 V8 but the new version has A LOT more features its still a 4WD but its an electric motor if the V8 engine cant start up or it has a major damage. The new GViX has 6 lights instead of 4 meaning that you have better control at night. one of the best upgrade the new version has is the HARPOON you climb walls tug cars or help someone if hes/she needs flip. As for the weapon the BC 17 Tsunami/M68A2 is still the MAIN and ONLY weapon in the vehicle. Its TOP speed is 100KPH its a really fast vehicle its got 8 exhaust (one cilinder one exhaust pipe) and its got a TRAIN horn

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    6611 Power score

    Durability2043 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy12/11 pts.

    Mass10411/11000 kg

    Max. speed104 km/h