Gv 49 XII Tsu - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 49 XII Tsu

Creator: ThijsRadijs

Newer version of the Gv 49 XI Tsu. Some structural changes are made. The front of this build is supposed to look like a giant spiky shield.


The Meat Grinders in combination with the Bigfoot wheels give this Crossout build the ability to drift around and rotate around enemies at 60 km/h while shooting them.


The heavy Echo cabin provides enough tonnage and weight limit to hold this massive Crossout build. The ability of this cabin comes in handy when dealing with Tsunami spiders, because it can speed up the reloading process.

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    13769 Power score

    Durability1914 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy15/15 pts.

    Mass20440/20500 kg

    Max. speed60 km/h