Gv 49 VIII Tsu - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 49 VIII Tsu

Creator: ThijsRadijs

This Crossout build is a newer version of the Gv 49 VI(I) Tsu. The outside stayed almost the same, but inside there are definately major changes.

This is currently, at the time of writing this (April 16th '19), my strongest out of all my Crossout builds.


This build is able to drive at 60 km/h. This build can turn around without moving forward or backward - much like tank tracks, but instead it uses two Meat Grinder augers in order to move the rear and use the wheels as turning point.


This build uses the Steppe Spider cabin, because it is a rather small cabin considering the amount of weight it can hold and how much power it has.

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    10523 Power score

    Durability1684 pts.

    Total parts59/80 pcs.

    Energy15/15 pts.

    Mass17239/18500 kg

    Max. speed60 km/h