Gv 49 IX Tsu - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 49 IX Tsu

Creator: ThijsRadijs

Newer version of the Gv 49 VIII Tsu. More details coming later, maybe.

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  • Daaamn the last creation of GV Customs is sick ! Saw it driftin it's way in Bedlam, awesome.C_Geremy
  • Is that on the pc exhibition?TheKingsWit
  • Yes, but the one on exhibition is a newer version. Just look for Gv 49. They are similar, though.ThijsRadijs
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10701 Power score

Durability1717 pts.

Total parts66/80 pcs.

Energy15/15 pts.

Mass17645/18500 kg

Max. speed60 km/h