Gv 48 XII Mac - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 48 XII Mac

Creator: ThijsRadijs

Newer version of the Gv 48 XI Sle. Now with Maces instead of Sledgehammers. This build has more ramming protection on the sides than the previous version. It's 21% heavier, but the acceleration stayed the same. That's because the cabin is now upgraded for 20% extra power and -17% mass. The engine is also upgraded for additional power. Changes to the frames have been made to cut some weight.


This Crossout build has two Lunar IV steering wheels in the front and 6 studded steering wheels on the rear. All the studded wheels are upgraded for +25% surface traction. The front wheels are not yet upgraded.


It uses a Growl cabin, which provides just enough power for the equipment and two Maces.


Only two Maces. Not yet upgraded.


Car jack, Maxwell (Radar detector), two RN Seals (radiators), and a Cheetah engine.


This Crossout build consists of mainly Lunatic parts and Firestarter parts. Light frames everywhere except for a single 1x8 frame that connects the passive melee weapons to the build (seperate from the wheels). The front of this Crossout build is protected by a shock absorber (bumper), 2 blade wings, 4 hatchets and 4 incisors.

Each side of the build is protected by a small thorn, a blade wing, a medium thorn, a large thorn, and a bumper spike.

The rear of this build is protected by a single bullbar (bumper).


Not a lot of decoration. Two braking lights on the rear and a customization kit for the Lunar IV steering wheels. I wish I had the CKs for the studded wheels, though.

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    5110 Power score

    Durability725 pts.

    Total parts79/80 pcs.

    Energy11/11 pts.

    Mass4863/7000 kg

    Max. speed120 km/h