Gv 48 XI Sle - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 48 XI Sle

Creator: ThijsRadijs

Newer version of the Gv 48 X Sle. This version has better frontal protection and now has two RN Seal radiators instead of 1. It has had a few structure and framework improvements at the cost of 300kg weight increase. The build is a bit longer now as well, which has it's pros and cons.


This build is very light considering it weighs 4t at a power score of 4.8K. Six studded steering wheels and two Lunar IV steering wheels gives this Crossout build a great grip on all terrains.

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    4825 Power score

    Durability580 pts.

    Total parts63/80 pcs.

    Energy11/11 pts.

    Mass4016/7600 kg

    Max. speed120 km/h