Gv 48 IX Sle - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 48 IX Sle

Creator: ThijsRadijs

A light, fast, and agile Crossout build. It has excellent grip and is incredible at offroad terrains. A rare occasion of me creating Crossout builds with shotguns.


Has six studded wheels (2 non-ST) for excellent grip on solid surfaces and it has two Lunar IV ST for better grip in the Wasteland.


This vehicle uses the duster cabin to stay at lower PS, but that only provides 9 energy points.


This vehicle has two sledgehammers as weaponry, mounted left and right from the window and pop out just above the vehicle's hood. That way it is better protected, but lacks gun depression.

The two blades at the front are it's passive melee weapons that can be used to either lunge into enemies, or grab enemies to hold them tight.


This vehicle is able to detect enemies from behind cover using it's radar detector and if it flips over it can use the car jack, mounted underneath the vehicle, to continue the fight.

A single improved radiator is installed to reduce the weapons' heating rate.


The front of the vehicle is well protected by a shock absorber, an offroad bumper, and the two blades.

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    3612 Power score

    Durability492 pts.

    Total parts56/80 pcs.

    Energy9/9 pts.

    Mass3467/4500 kg

    Max. speed104 km/h