Gv 42 II Xc Tsu - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 42 II Xc Tsu

Creator: ThijsRadijs

The Gv 42 II Xc Tsu is a low-profile Crossout build that has two tracks at the front, two hardened tracks in the middle and two Bigfoot wheels at the rear.

For a significant period of time, this was one of my strongest Crossout builds.

It is able to do good damage with the tsunami and can penetrate through armor using the executioner mounted at the rear. People sometimes confuse the Executioner with a Mammoth, because I put pieces of armor around it.


The Gv 42 II Xc Tsu has three different movement parts: Normal tracks, hardened tracks and Bigfoot wheels.

It has two normal tracks at the front, two hardened tracks in the center (covered by half of the normal tracks) and two Bigfoot wheels at the rear. The tracks give the vehicle excellent grip and make it able to stand on very steep hills.

The main reason for the two Bigfoot wheels is that it makes the rear of the vehicle stand up. That way the executioner is able to shoot over the whole body of the vehicle, which would be harder if the angle of the vehicle were a flat 180 degrees.


The Carapace cabin is a great cabin for tanks. Especially for this tank, because it is a rather low-profile cabin as it's height is low in comparison to it's other dimensions: the width and length of the Carapace.


It uses it's BC Tsunami for the high damage and shell velocity. The shell velocity also helps with taking down hovers.

An Executioner is mounted on the rear of this vehicle. This weapon serves for penetrating the armor and thereby touching the enemy's sensitive parts. :-)


A big ammo pack is placed behind the BC Tsunami.

A gas generator is mounted underneath the vehicle to serve additional energy.

This energy is used by a radar detector and a Colossus engine that is mounted at the rear of the vehicle underneath the Executioner cannon.


The structure parts consists mainly of Steppenwolfs parts; mixed with some Scavenger parts.

The BC Tsunami is protected by a single layer on top and a thicker layer on the sides.

The Executioner cannon is well covered by the body of the vehicle and protected on the sides with two armor pieces. Those armor pieces make it look kind of like a Mammoth. People have mistaken it for a Mammoth before. :-)

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    8063 Power score

    Durability2161 pts.

    Total parts67/80 pcs.

    Energy13/13 pts.

    Mass18465/18500 kg

    Max. speed50 km/h