Gv 24 XII Rea - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 24 XII Rea

Creator: ThijsRadijs

This Crossout build is made for aggressive plays. It fights ramming builds head-on, destroying them in 1 ram. Terrorizing the battlefield with the constant fire of its Reaper minigun, throwing enemies around with its Skinner harpoon.


This build reaches 96 km/h while it weighs almost 11 tons. Only 4 Twin wheels are there to carry the weight of this build, of which the front wheels can steer, while the rear wheels are non-steering.


It uses a Fury cabin, which is meant for medium weight builds. The cabin is upgraded for a higher mass limit, to be able to carry the weight of this build.


It uses a Reaper (minigun) for constant fire and a Skinner (harpoon) on the rear to throw enemies around.


Doppler (Radar), Expanded ammo pack, ammo pack


Consists mainly out of APC parts.

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6560 Power score

Durability1703 pts.

Total parts78/80 pcs.

Energy10/10 pts.

Mass10806/10900 kg

Max. speed96 km/h