Gv 24 XI Tsu - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 24 XI Tsu

Creator: ThijsRadijs

This vehicle is available on exhibition.

This is a newer version of the Gv 24 X Tsu. The train plow is lower to the ground, making it less vulnerable to wedges. It now has hatches in front to lunge into enemies and to protect itself from ramming builds. An earlier version of the Gv 24 actually used to have hatchets in front as well, but got removed in the versions that followed (the versions which had the blades in front of the Hell lamps).

It has lost some durability, but that is primarily due to Crossout updates I had to adapt to; weight limit issues I had solved through changing the frames a little bit and the armoring underneath and in the sides of the Crossout build.

In conclusion: the build once again underwent structural changes without damaging the outside.

The Gv 24 has been around for like three years now and will continue to exist in the future.


Although weighing 11 tons, it is capable of reaching a speed up to 96 km/h - something you wouldn't want driving into you with two hatches in front. Four Twin wheels are holding this massive vehicle standing.


The Fury cabin fits perfectly into this compact build. Twin wheels fit perfectly in the front space of this cabin. The cabin is upgraded to be able to hold the weight.

You might wonder why I wouldn't use a Bear cabin, because I use Bear stickers on the sides.. That's because the wheels dont fit in the front there and the cabin lacks tonnage.


It's only weapon is the BC Tsunami. Which got nerfed (again) way too hard by the developers, in my opinion. Nerfing wasn't necessary in the first place.


Doppler radar to detect enemies out of sight, in sight and for transmission between allies. RD-2 Keen radar to spot enemies at long range. A normal radio for transmission between allies (functions more as decoration, as the RD-2 Keen has the same function).

A Car Jack to get back up after crashing.

A Neutrino scope to detect explosives inside enemy vehicles and to make it easier to snipe them.


Compact armor. Consist mainly out of APC-parts. With the exception of some parts from the Lunatics and Scavengers; which are lighter which I had to use instead of heavier parts to deal with the changes in the Crossout updates.


As always, the Bear stickers on the sides. Hell lamps behind the blades in front. Two Furnace exhausts in the rear.

Two Bludgeons, left and right attached to the Train plow. I don't know why I did that, but it has been there since earliest versions of this build and I'm used to it hanging there.

Some black stickers on the left and right fenders, both in front and in rear. They appear in sunlight, and disappear in the shadow, giving the build a little bit of a funny effect.

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6475 Power score

Durability1797 pts.

Total parts77/80 pcs.

Energy10/10 pts.

Mass10892/10900 kg

Max. speed96 km/h