Gv 24 XI Rea - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 24 XI Rea

Creator: ThijsRadijs

Available on the exhibition.

A variant of the Gv 24 XI Tsu. This version uses the Reaper minigun instead of the Tsunami cannon. I've been thinking about buying a Reaper for this build for a long time. I finally decided to do so and it's safe to say that this build is back in close-combat like it used to be - back when it used two Junkbow shotguns.

This build has better acceleration compared to the tsunami version (66% instead of 58%). The front is also protected against ramming builds because of a Defence Line (bumper) that is placed directly after the Blade Wings. Behind that is a normal part (Eastern Front, because that was the only suitable part that was 1 piece thicc, 4 pieces wide and 3 pieces tall.


Two twin steering wheels in the front, two non-steering twin wheels in the rear. An update recently made it so that non-steering wheels have reduced power penalty, so that improved the acceleration of this build by quite a bit.


Fury cabin, upgraded for +10% weight limit.


A single reaper with 836 pcs. of ammo. I had to place an expanded ammo pack underneath the vehicle, which required me to do something to the frames.. Both wheels in the rear are basically held together by a single 1x8 frame. A 1x6 frame is attached to that frame on the side for some extra protection from ramming on the right side of the build.


A Doppler radar detector (1), a car jack (1), a Cheetah engine (1), an RD-2 Keen radar, an ammo pack and an expanded ammo pack. The build has 1 energy point left, but nothing seems to be usefull for this build besides a Chameleon (which I never use and which does not fit in the build).


This build has very compact armor that consists mainly out of Steppenwolfs parts.


Build is painted in Carbon. Bear sticker on both sides on the build.

Round braking lights attached to the opening of T-pipes to make them look larger in diameter.

Furnace exhausts to generate a lot of sparks when accelerating.

Black Host stickers that appear when light is beaming on them, but almost invisible when out of sunlight; just to add a little effect.

Hell-lamps behind Blade Wings, those are painted in Black Gold to create a bigger contrast between the emitted light and the background (the lamp itself). The round braking lights are also painted in Black Gold, for the same reasons.

The wheels are painted in Ceramic Armor, because that paint looks darker and has a different texture.

Still has two random Bludgeons attached to the train plow on front.

Has a Buzzer horn instead of the silly horn of the Fury cabin.

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6361 Power score

Durability1739 pts.

Total parts78/80 pcs.

Energy9/10 pts.

Mass10641/10900 kg

Max. speed96 km/h