Gv 24 VIII Tsu - Crossout build by ThijsRadijs

Gv 24 VIII Tsu

Creator: ThijsRadijs

In my opinion, out of all Crossout builds I've made, this is the best. The Gv 24 VIII Tsu, also known as the Gv Tsu, is a heavy, fast, and durable vehicle. It has four twin-wheels (2 non-ST) to hold the weight of 11 tons. It's speed is great; considering the vehicle's weight on a PS of only 5.3k.


The Cheetah engine has the dirty job to push this vehicle forward. Though when this vehicle is on full speed, it comes in like a cannon ball.

Nothing warms it's cold heart like crushing Lunatics, punching harvester builds into walls, and crashing into Scavenger trucks.


The Fury cabin is a perfect cabin for four-wheeled vehicles. The whole structure of the Gv 24 VIII Tsu is built around the cabin.

On first sight you wouldn't say that this vehicle weighs so much, but the density of this vehicle is so high that a vehicle twice as big, may weigh less than this vehicle.


Not much to say about the weaponry.. it has a single BC Tsunami to deal reasonable damage and being able to snipe enemies and take down hovers.

Sometimes I shoot underneath vehicles to try and destroy explosives like ammo packs and generators.


I managed to fit a small ammo pack, a radar detector, a Cheetah engine, a radio, and a car jack into this vehicle.

The radar detector is mounted underneath the Gv 24 VIII Tsu. It is attached to a 2x4 frame and is located in the center of the vehicle.

The Cheetah engine is placed in the trunk of the vehicle. Underneath the Cheetah engine is the only explosive on this vehicle: a small ammo pack. This ammo pack is upgraded for extra ammo increase - the Cartridge upgrade.

The car jack is mounted behind the train plow.


The compact structure of this vehicle is made up mainly out of Steppenwolfs parts and Scavenger parts.

This build is covered by armor all over; left, right, front, rear, top, and bottom.

The twin wheels are upgraded for extra structure.

The framework might surprise you, as the only frames that hold this 11 ton beast are three 2x4 frames.


Fully painted in Carbon Black.

Bear's Roar sticker on both left and right sides of this build.

Two Corno exhausts on the rear produce great flames when accelerating from a standstill.

Four hell lamps shining bright through the blade grille.

The radio, mounted left from the cannon, is there for the sake of decoration rather than functionality.

This build is a perfect combination between art and combat.

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5318 Power score

Durability1946 pts.

Total parts75/80 pcs.

Energy9/10 pts.

Mass10723/10900 kg

Max. speed96 km/h