Fatty IX - Crossout build by Matt_Wurst

Fatty IX

Creator: Matt_Wurst

A big boi. Great for baiting out enemy harvesters and wedges, as this thing simply does not care about them. It doesn't get wedged, and it is tanky and strong enough to push most harvester builds into a wall and get them stuck.


Hauler Humpback. A loyal boi.


Two tsunamis, quite low to the ground compared to most other tsunami builds in the current meta. Their turning and firing is not obstructed by any blocks. A neutrino right in the middle between the two guns prevents any problems that the game's aim assist usually causes for cannon builds.

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12344 Power score

Durability4011 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy15/15 pts.

Mass24475/24500 kg

Max. speed60 km/h