ETense FE20 - Crossout build by C_Geremy

ETense FE20

Creator: C_Geremy

Engineers of the Wastelands were nostalgic when thinking about the car races of the past. Some of them knew what it was; powerful, fast and high-tech vehicles, capable of reaching incredible speeds in a matter of seconds. Luckily enough, they found the remains of a Formula E development center, gathered some parts from prototypes laying around, brought them back to their bases. They started assembling, modifying, adding a petrol engine to the car meant to be powered by electricity. When done, they couldn't wait to take it for a ride, roaming in the wastes for long hours, and show it to their friends at the end of the day.

Designed for the Clash of Engineers contest, this car is inspired by the Formula E "DS ETense FE20".


Racing wheel with Formula One custom kit.




Yeah none, it's a formula one.


Formula E inspired bodywork design.


Carbon and Camo gloss

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