Draco Tank - Crossout build by __jelle__

Draco Tank

Creator: __jelle__

This absolute beast can take hits all day long and still go home to his children and wife to tell the story.

Designed to take a punch but at the same time capable of dishing out quite a punch itself too.

Specifically effective against close-range builds. It can plow through a harvester build with ease. Shotgun and mammoth builds are also no match for this absolute unit.


8x Bigfoot ST

2x Bigfoot


Hauler fused humpback


1 Spark

2 Draco


1x Apollo IV

1x Hot red

1x Chameleon MK

2x Expanded ammo pack

2x RN Seal


White paint (obviously)

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    13427 Power score

    Durability3821 pts.

    Total parts79/80 pcs.

    Energy15/15 pts.

    Mass22497/23000 kg

    Max. speed66 km/h