Derby Car SUV - Crossout build by Ddranoel

Derby Car SUV

Creator: Ddranoel

A car developted for a demolition derby with friends. High-speed combined with a good acceleration and durability.


The car is heavy enough to not slide away in every turn you make.


I choosed the growl cabin because of its low wight and high speed.


The car doesn't have any guns or melee weapons because we wanted a fair derby.


The V8 cheetah engine accelerate the car to 120 km/h max speed and increases the power about 25%.


The car has enhanced front armor to survive hard frontal attacks.

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    2344 Power score

    Durability1474 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy1/11 pts.

    Mass5504/7000 kg

    Max. speed120 km/h