Demolition Derby Semi Truck - Crossout build by Kevin007xtrem2_0

Demolition Derby Semi Truck

Creator: Kevin007xtrem2_0

Demolition derby, something that usual happends at crossout all day. WELL this day it was a real Show. This truck was made for demolition derby (Wonder who put boosters on the rear)


6 boosters in total (more wasn't alowed)


Rules were 6 wheels max. so why not build a truck.


Exhausts for "more power"

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  • Looks massive, eventhough it's just 7 tons xD Nice job!ThijsRadijs
  • Mr G approved on Demolition Derby xDLoliChocola
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3515 Power score

Durability1735 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy7/11 pts.

Mass6820/7000 kg

Max. speed120 km/h