Cobra_GH10 - Crossout build by Nanonaxo


Creator: Nanonaxo

Cobra_GH10 was born following a dozen evolution of Cobra improvements of wheels, weapons and equipment, Cobra_GH10 became the ultimate version of the Cobra series. The GH10 means: Growl & Hammerfall 10th version.


With four Shiv ST, Cobra_GH10 devours the Wastelands with a mind-blowing speed, not only is GH10 very manageable thanks to the grip of the four directional wheels from the Firestarters.


Powered by the "Growl" cabin the Cobra does not exceed the eight-mile power-score, the cabin is protected by its engine and these armor plates.


Equipped with two Hammerfall including one on the roof which is protected by two Firestarters wheelhouse and the other on the right side also protected by the same wheelhouse.


A radar detector, a radiator (RN Seal), with a melee weapon (Shiver), a chameleon Mk 2, with Cheetah engine and an Apollo generator.


Cobra_GH10 is an asymmetric vehicle, for the simple reason because the two weapons interfere with each other when they are on the roof. the armor is light which allows to gain speed and maneuverability.

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7999 Power score

Durability1037 pts.

Total parts70/80 pcs.

Energy15/15 pts.

Mass5249/7600 kg

Max. speed120 km/h