Calamity - Crossout build by CrossoutKirito


Creator: CrossoutKirito

This beast of a vehicle was developed over only 2 decades.

It's name, Calamity, comes from the massive impact knockback that it causes,

Watch out for this beast!


This beast has a total of 10 bigfoot wheels. (6 steering and 2 non-steering)

They help this 22,6 ton vehicle drive through next to anything in the wasteland.


The cabin itself is a fused Hauler Humpback.

The Humpback alone has a max weight of 22 tons, setting the weight on this vehicle ever so high.


The weaponry on the Calamity is nothing less then dual Tsunamis!

The impact of 2 shells is what caused this vehicle to get it's name.


The Calamity has a few modules at it's deposit.

Starting with the Apollo IV, giving this beast an amazing 4 energy.

The ammo itself consist of 1 expanded Ammo, and 2 small Ammo boxes, giving this beast a total of 27 shots.

It also has a Colossus engine, which increases both speed and mass, the Colossus is what gives the Calamity the max mass of 24500 kg!

Also has a Neutrino to help the driver aim over long distances. A Carjack is also added incase the Calamity were to flip.


The structure consists of mostly Military grade metal, or heavy duty metal from planes and containers. The whole structure is what gives this thing a total of 2650 Durability!!

Also has 4 spikes mounted on the front to fend off anything bigger then itself.

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    11152 Power score

    Durability2650 pts.

    Total parts74/80 pcs.

    Energy15/15 pts.

    Mass22591/24500 kg

    Max. speed65 km/h