C_Tank X74 - Crossout build by C_Geremy

C_Tank X74

Creator: C_Geremy

Tuned with carbon and glossy red paint, French flag at the back, LEDs and many stickers, this legged combat vehicule is designed to use Reapers firepower and ML200 agility at once. Uses the power of the supreme Baguette to destroy opponents.

Perfectly usable and suitable in all game modes, such as PVP, Raids, Brawls, Adventure, Clan Wars, and Bedlam.

Design Patent Project X74 - Property of CG Design Studio - Do not replicate.


Six ML200s for agility and precision in movements, enable to rotate 180° quickly and fire at stealthy cowards.


Random Humpback with a Croissant sticker on top. Covered by spikes and train plow, which make it resist to harvester front attack, as well as 16 mammoths shells.


Good old Reapers, to shred appart opponents structure and guns. Use epic ammo packs to fight longer, with 1404 bullets per guns, comfortable for minutes of non-stop shooting. Also protected under side armor.


Equipped with four epics Ammo Packs, epic Radar Detector, Apollo generator and Chameleon MK2. Also has a Colossus engine for dank speed, up to an insane, not far from 30 km/h max speed. WOW !


The overall structure is from an old build, but with tracks replaced by ML200s. Spaced side armors, good durability against canons shells. Not that great against shotgun / plasma guns.

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11325 Power score

Durability2622 pts.

Total parts79/80 pcs.

Energy15/15 pts.

Mass21379/22500 kg

Max. speed29 km/h