C_Tank X54 - Crossout build by C_Geremy

C_Tank X54

Creator: C_Geremy

Unique in the Wastelands, this build combine the agility of six ML-200 and the firepower of two Reaper Miniguns. It's Humpback cabin allow this heavy build to move at a decent speed, while keeping a high structure value. First ever build on legs, it is an adaptation of my previous main build, which was propelled by four Hardened tracks.


ML-200 mechanical legs, allow precise and fast movements, enable rotation on itself.


Normal Humpback, protected by a set of a train plow and Hatchets.


Dual Reaper, simple and efficient. Covered underside spaced armor, allow the user to shave the weapons an eventual wedge build, which has already destroyed the front legs by rotating towards the ground.


Four epic Ammo Boxes provide a comfortable 1404 bullets supply for the Reapers. An Apollo generator provides energy for Reapers, a Colossus engine, one epic Radar Detector and a Chameleon Mk1.


Spaced side armors, APC parts to cover the back.

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    11151 Power score

    Durability2543 pts.

    Total parts78/80 pcs.

    Energy15/15 pts.

    Mass21496/22500 kg

    Max. speed29 km/h