C_Tank Canon X64 - Crossout build by C_Geremy

C_Tank Canon X64

Creator: C_Geremy

Legged combat build, equipped with two Executioners 88mm canons. Red and Carbon painted with stickers, dank decors, LEDs and French flag. Because tuning.

Based on C_Tank X74, tuned for the needs of the canons gameplay.


Using six ML-200s, agile and reactive to dodge opponents canon shots.


Humpback. Painted in red. With a sticker on top.


Dual Executioner 88mm setup, Side mounted on the cabin.


Scope, Gaz generator, Colossus engine, epic Radar Detector, Chameleon Mk2, and two epic Ammo Boxes to provide 26 shells per canons. Possibility to add more, but the PS will increase.


Reinforced armor to protect the rear compartment, The structure is optimized to allow a decent overall speed.

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    9012 Power score

    Durability2390 pts.

    Total parts75/80 pcs.

    Energy14/14 pts.

    Mass19934/22500 kg

    Max. speed30 km/h