Buggy Dragster - Crossout build by Kevin007xtrem2_0

Buggy Dragster

Creator: Kevin007xtrem2_0

Riding on the beach wasn't enough so this maniac modified his ride a couple of times till it went to this monster. And now this dragster does not just let sand fly through the air. This explains this big wing on the rear.


Much understeer at high speed but with tricks you can drift ever courve with 200


6 hidden boosters for the "kick"


tried to make it smooth and low to the ground


No other place for an exhaust left except the rear... obviously

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    4117 Power score

    Durability1261 pts.

    Total parts79/80 pcs.

    Energy8/12 pts.

    Mass4875/11000 kg

    Max. speed115 km/h