Beyblade - Crossout build by Matt_Wurst


Creator: Matt_Wurst

This twenty-two meter long monster can reach up to 360 rotations per minute, giving its outmost points a velocity of about 414m/s (Enough to break the sound barrier, if crossout had that). And each of the outer heads weighs about seven tons, giving this thing enough power to whack your average hovercraft across an entire map... where it will then explode from the impact.


Do hatchets count as weapons? They now do.


Twelve rocket boosters are cooled by two epic radiators, allowing it to fully spin up in one go. Sadly, this consumes more than half of the booster fuel, so it can only spin up once.


No. Just no. The hammer heads are connected by nothing but some 2x4 light frames, and there is a practially exposed gas generator.

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    8631 Power score

    Durability2390 pts.

    Total parts71/80 pcs.

    Energy14/14 pts.

    Mass19284/22000 kg

    Max. speed34 km/h