1slam Bootyslam - Crossout build by Canadian_Hawko

1slam Bootyslam

Creator: Canadian_Hawko

I know what you're thinking, this build is islamophobic. but it's really not! crossout just has a maximum amount of characters you can use!

so originally it was going to be called 1 slam Bootyslam reffering to it's onehit capability!

i swear i am innocent.


5 ST bigfoot wheels, for maximum turn speed and hella fast yeeting.


2 harvs to nom,

1 spark to make them slom

and 2 lancelots that go Bom


Cheetah engine to regen that chameleonMK2 hella fast


it b i g


No decoration this time, ikr? i miss my balloons too

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10806 Power score

Durability1769 pts.

Total parts80/80 pcs.

Energy16/16 pts.

Mass10988/10999 kg

Max. speed120 km/h