10 Wheeler Behemoth - Crossout build by Kevin007xtrem2_0

10 Wheeler Behemoth

Creator: Kevin007xtrem2_0

It's basicaly a train taken off from the rails, but it got modified so many times that it's rather a road train of the apocalypse. Transporting all sorts of good through the wasteland from A to B and only stops for fuel. And with the enorm weight it will not stop even by the heaviest vehicle on it's path. So I gues even if this once was a train on rails and now a train on wheels, it doesn't make it less unstopable as before.


10 bigfoot's to support the tremendous weight of the truck. Just 4 steers and 6 normal


A bastion to not just boast damage resistance, also to push out the maximum durability out of the truck


A skinner alone does the job to take everything what he wants to


A fuzedd colossus for the maximum mass posible


build like a truck, build from a train. Heavy as hell and stops for nothing except fuel.


2 truck exhausts, because truck...

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    7928 Power score

    Durability5279 pts.

    Total parts80/80 pcs.

    Energy3/11 pts.

    Mass23224/24575 kg

    Max. speed64 km/h